A Few Stories of Counseling Results

For the purpose of confidentiality these counseling results are true with the gender, ages etc. modified so the reader will be free to see that God changed these lives as they obeyed what He told them to do in His Word.

A young gal came in with problems that God used to draw her to Himself. As we spoke she began to see how Jesus was the answer to all the terrible things that had come her way these last several months. She prayed to receive Jesus into her life as Savior and Lord. God is so good. Please pray for her that she will begin to see how His Word can be such a comfort to her in times of trouble and when things are going well. We need His insight when we are doing well and especially when we are doing poorly.

A young man came in for counsel not knowing which way to go as far as dealing with an unexpected circumstance. The unexpected was what the Lord used to help him see his need to put his trust in Jesus to be his Savior and Lord. The Lord is now showing him in our sessions that God knew these things would happen and that God is the only one who can help him respond in a way that will be pleasing to the Lord and gratifying to himself as well.

I received a phone call from out of state and the Christian callers related how they needed guidance in what was taking place in their lives.. The Lord was faithful in directing me to give them the scriptures and true stories that encouraged them and gave them hope. I will see just what the Lord did for them as He promised. My confidence is in Jesus and His confidence in Himself that His ways are worth finding out. The years Bev and I counseled people, from the Word of God, the more we saw His grace, power and love. As you may know, my Bevy has been in heaven since April 12, 2013. Thank you for praying for me as the Lord led me to continue to lift Him up in His rightful place as I counsel those He sends.