Ministry Testimonies

Dear Jon and Bev,

I just wanted to thank you and Bev.  I am continually being helped by what you told me. I came to see you with no hope at all. I could not imagine that you could say words that would change my broken heart. I told you everything that was destroying me inside and asked you what you could possibly say that would help. I hope you were not insulted in the way I said that.  Iíll never forget what you said, ďI could never say words that will change how you feel inside with all that you are going through, but I have a few words that someone else spoke and those words changed my life.Ē What you said made me curious. I asked you where would I have to go to hear those words? What surprised me is that you said I didnít have to go anywhere. He is right here in the Bible. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. The word became flesh and dwelt among us. His name is Jesus. Jon, I just had to tell you the words He spoke to me changed everything. The more I came to see you the more you read His words. Thank you for showing me the only one who could help me face my situation with hope and as you said, with His confidence and power to change my perspective, but perhaps not the situation.  Thank you very much. Yes,  His words changed my life just like He changed yours.

God Bless you and Bev


"Testimonies are used with permission"